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20 Sep 2017

Understanding and Harnessing the Flow of Link Equity to Maximize SEO Ranking Opportunity – Whiteboard Friday

How does the flow of link equity work these days, and how can you harness its potential to help improve your rankings? Whether you’re in need of a refresher or you’ve always wanted a firmer grasp of the concept, this week’s Whiteboard Friday is required watching. Rand covers the basic principles of link equity, outlines common flow issues your site might be encountering, and provides a series of action items to ensure your site is riding the right currents.

  • Video Transcription
  • Principles of link equity
  • Common link equity flow issues

Source From – https://moz.com/blog/harnessing-link-equity Visit Here for Full Article

24 Jan 2017

9 Weird but Data-Backed SEO Predictions for 2017

It’s January, which means you’ve probably read about 200 expert predictions on the future of SEO in 2017 by now. But if you stick with me, I promise this post won’t be like any of the other SEO predictions posts you’ve seen so far.

When it comes to making SEO predictions, a lot of experts take the safe route. We all know mobile SEO is going to be increasingly important. Talking about the obvious is always safe.

If you’re anything like me, the SEO predictions for 2017 have left you feeling underwhelmed. No one has been sticking their neck out this year.

Mobile will be big?

UX will matter?

Really?! You don’t say!

I think it’s time for a few more bold predictions – nine of them in fact. These SEO predictions will be a bit more out there – maybe you could even call them a little crazy.

Just don’t blame me if/when these predictions become a reality. I’m just the prognosticator, basing my predictions on the things I’ve seen lately – and where I believe Google is heading next.Read More

24 Jan 2017

Google Is Requiring HTTPS for Secure Data in Chrome

Does your site collect sensitive visitor information such as passwords, credit card information, or personal data? If so, be warned: by the end of January 2017, Google Chrome will begin marking sites without HTTPS as non-secure. Put another way; Chrome will now require HTTPS for sites that collect sensitive information. If you have not done so already, protect your visitors and your site with an SSL certificate and migrate to HTTPS.

Reel It Back – What Is HTTPS?

HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) are both protocols, or languages, for passing information between web servers and clients. All you need to know is that HTTPS is a secure connection, whereas HTTP is unsecure. With a standard HTTP connection, it is possible for unauthorized parties to observe the conversation between your computing device and the site.

Read Full Story at https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-is-requiring-https-for-secure-data-in-chrome/183756

20 Jan 2017

How to Combine JavaScript & SEO With Isomorphic JS

SEO for JavaScript-based websites (built with AngularJS, jQuery, ReactJS, etc.) requires a lot of knowledge, development, testing, and is notoriously difficult to get right. But let’s face it, even with all those problems, JavaScript is here to stay. It lets you create fast, dynamic, and beautiful websites focused on delivering a great user experience.

Google vs. JavaScript
We can clearly see that, in the last year, Google focused mostly on supporting user experience and performance. We can see that in Google AMP websites focused on lighting fast performance, Single Page Apps (SPA), or Progressive Web Apps.

Google claims that they now are much better at crawling and indexing JavaScript. Unfortunately, current results are still far from good. There are plenty examples confirming this, one of which is Hulu.com JavaScript SEO fail.

This is why SEOs usually lean towards a mix of traditional server-side rendering and small pieces of JavaScript added to the browser as a universal solution, which makes applications crawlable and indexable by search engines.

Read More at https://www.searchenginejournal.com/javascript-seo-like-peanut-butter-and-jelly-thanks-to-isomorphic-js/183337/

20 Jan 2017

5 Fundamental Steps to Build a Winning SEO Strategy

It’s 2017, and most entrepreneurs are fully aware that they need search engine optimization to give their businesses a leg up. By utilizing its power, they can drive more traffic, increase SERPs, and improve conversion rates. But what company owners (and even some digital marketers) don’t realize is that SEO is not that simple to master. A proper SEO strategy is required to bring about any tangible results.

In this article, I explain how to build a winning SEO strategy in five fundamental steps. With these simple steps in mind, you will turn your site (or your client’s site) into an effective revenue generator. Let’s take a peek behind the SEO curtain.

How to Develop an SEO Strategy in Five Steps

#1 Select Pages to Optimize & Promote

#2 Run a Competitor Analysis

#3 Compare Strategies to Figure Out What to Improve

#4 Run the Analysis of Behavior Factors on the Targeted Pages

#5 Implement the Strategy You’ve Created

Full Article Read at https://www.searchenginejournal.com/5-fundamental-steps-to-build-a-winning-seo-strategy/183589/

15 Nov 2016

5 Steps to Set up Google Shopping Ads for Success

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the best time to expand your product advertising in e-commerce, which includes Google Shopping campaigns. According to RKG’s Digital Marketing Report, these types of product listing ads consistently demonstrate improved conversion rates over other forms of ads, such as text ads in search.

Unfortunately, as the popularity of Google Shopping ads increases, so do costs per click. That means you’ll need to focus more on the setup and optimization of your campaigns to ensure they remain profitable while still targeting the right audience. Although product listing ads lack the option of traditional keyword targeting, they can still be optimized to help you maximize your ad campaign’s performance.

In this post, I’ll show you the five best ways to ramp up your returns in Google Shopping ad campaigns.

1. Master the Feed to Google

2. Create a Campaign Hierarchy

3. Give Shoppers More Buying Options

4. Make Improvements by the Data

5. Landing Pages Still Matter

15 Nov 2016

Marketing and Productivity Hacks for the Digital World

Technology is the cornerstone of the future. We continue to think of its effects on the future of search, marketing, and even our own productivity. The digital marketing world needs to prepare for how technology will affect us in the future.

Here are some clever hacks to prepare your marketing efforts for what’s to come and boost your productivity in today’s digital world.

How Disruptive Marketing Will Affect the Future of Search
At Pubcon 2016 in Las Vegas, SEJ Executive Editor Kelsey Jones sat down with Geoffrey Colon, Communications Director at Microsoft, to talk about disruptive marketing and the ways it will affect search in the future.

Read More at Source – https://www.searchenginejournal.com/marketing-productivity-hacks-digital-world/178465/

15 Nov 2016

9 Tips to Optimize Crawl Budget for SEO

When you hear the words “search engine optimization,” what do you think of? My mind leaps straight to a list of SEO ranking factors, such as proper tags, relevant keywords, a clean sitemap, great design elements, and a steady stream of high-quality content.

However, a recent article by my colleague, Yauhen Khutarniuk, made me realize that I should be adding “crawl budget” to my list. While many SEO experts overlook crawl budget because it’s not very well understood, Khutarniuk brings some compelling evidence to the table – which I’ll come back to later in this post – that crawl budget can, and should, be optimized.

This made me wonder: how does crawl budget optimization overlap with SEO, and what can websites do to improve their crawl rate?

First Things First – What Is a Crawl Budget?
Web services and search engines use web crawler bots, aka “spiders,” to crawl web pages, collect information about them, and add them to their index. These spiders also detect links on the pages they visit and attempt to crawl these new pages too.

16 Oct 2016

How to Improve Small Business SEO Today

Small business owners often struggle with their SEO. You have your business, your customers, and now your website demands attention as well. I frequently talk to business owners that just use their website as a reference for real life customers. To be honest, that is a bit narrow-minded. There is so much more you can do!

In this article, I’ll go over some improvements any small business owner can easily do by himself. It’s going to costs you time, not per se any money. Use this article as a checklist, and see how you are doing. Here we go!


Manage Your Expectations
What’s Your Niche?
Use Mid-Tail Keywords
Utilize Online Platforms
Utilize Offline Platforms
Word of Mouth
Add Evergreen Content
Small Business Blogging
Get Local Links
Contact Details Everywhere
Realize Your Website is Your Online Shop Window

Read More at Source – https://www.searchenginejournal.com/improve-small-business-seo-today/175008/

30 Sep 2016

Authority & link building with real-time Penguin


L recently released Penguin 4.0, and the Penguin filter now updates in real time. Columnist Marcus Miller explores what this means for SEO and link building.

So it happened. Google finally released Penguin 4.0 — the last Penguin update of its kind, as it now processes in real time as a part of Google’s core ranking algorithm.

In this post, I want to take a look at what Penguin is, how this update affects the SEO community as a whole and how the brave and the bold can continue to safely improve their organic visibility without fear of repercussions from punitive search engine algorithms.Read More