As we approach Halloween and our Netflix queues again fill up with all manner of spooky, startling and downright horrifying monsters, I’m reminded of another kind of monster we should all be afraid of: outdated SEO tactics.

These tactics range from harmless but ineffective (like Casper the Friendly Ghost) all the way to completely devastating (like Freddy Krueger). And much like the bad guy in so many of the horror movies we all grew up watching, these tactics never seem to die, despite common sense, SEO professionals, and even Google warning people away from them.

So today, we’re going to delve into 13 outdated SEO tactics that you should be terrified of and avoid at all costs.

1. Link and article directories
2. Exact-match domains
3. Reciprocal linking
4. Flat URL architecture
5. Indiscriminate guest blogging
6. Keyword stuffing
7. Exact-match anchor text
8. Pages for every keyword variation
9. Paid links
10. Low-quality content
11. Writing for bots rather than people
12. Creating multiple interlinked websites
13. Automated link building

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