SEO for JavaScript-based websites (built with AngularJS, jQuery, ReactJS, etc.) requires a lot of knowledge, development, testing, and is notoriously difficult to get right. But let’s face it, even with all those problems, JavaScript is here to stay. It lets you create fast, dynamic, and beautiful websites focused on delivering a great user experience.

Google vs. JavaScript
We can clearly see that, in the last year, Google focused mostly on supporting user experience and performance. We can see that in Google AMP websites focused on lighting fast performance, Single Page Apps (SPA), or Progressive Web Apps.

Google claims that they now are much better at crawling and indexing JavaScript. Unfortunately, current results are still far from good. There are plenty examples confirming this, one of which is JavaScript SEO fail.

This is why SEOs usually lean towards a mix of traditional server-side rendering and small pieces of JavaScript added to the browser as a universal solution, which makes applications crawlable and indexable by search engines.


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