Facebook take your audiences - Long live SEO
Hold on to your chairs marketers, brands and publishers, your world is about to drop off its axis…
I have on many occasions written about the massive move Facebook is going to be making, and I have on many occasions written about why you need SEO, but this time it is to warn you that you need it NOW.

Why now? On Thursday last week, 30 June 2016, all our comfortable marketing worlds were shattered when Facebook announced on its blog, the new algorithm update.

Facebook have moved to obliterate all your “free” marketing efforts as the algorithm is changing to send less traffic to your content sites. The reason being says Facebook’s vice president of product management Adam Mosseri “The growth and competition in the publisher ecosystem is really, really strong. We’re worried that a lot of people using Facebook are not able to connect to friends and family as well because of that.”

Source – http://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/16/147324.html

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