Frequently Asked Questions at Webistorm


1) What is SEO?

2) What’s the difference between organic vs. paid results?

3) What are meta descriptions and do they still matter?

4) Should I optimize my domain name to include keywords?

5) How do I know when I’m using the right number of keywords on a page?

6) What’s the difference between internal and inbound links?

7) How many internal links do I need on each page of content?

8) Where is the “|” on my keyboard?

9) Do I need to know code to do SEO myself?

10) What is robots.txt?

11) What is the sitemap.xml file?

12) What is the difference between indexed and crawling?

13) How can I see what pages are indexed?

14) Why do you need alt text on your images?

15) How long does it take to see results from SEO?

16) Should I hire someone to do my SEO?

17) What’s a good goal to set for your SEO?

18) What about SEO has changed in the last few years?

19) How do backlinks affect my rankings?

20) What are the best ways to optimize my site?

21) What are Page Titles & Meta Description tags?

22) Does linking to other websites help or hurt SEO?

23) How long does it normally take to see SEO Results?

24) How can Social Media be used for SEO?

25) Should SEO be done in stages?