How to Get More Engagement on Facebook LiveFacebook first announced their Live feature about a year ago, initially only making it available for big brands and celebrities. Since then, the feature has been rolled out to all accounts and has added several new features (which we have yet to see).

Does Facebook Live Really Matter?
Worried this is just another thing you have to learn how to do and implement without seeing any results? In our fast-moving industry, it can feel like as soon as you tackle one new platform (Twitter), another one pops up (Snapchat). It can be seriously hard to keep up and stay relevant.

But this is a tool worth paying attention to.

The benefits start with video itself. According to a study by Insivia, one-third of all online activity involves watching videos. People are more likely to purchase an item after watching a video. People trust videos, and they are more likely to recall a video ad than an add in any other format.

Here are a few ways to get the most out of the platform.

1. Stretch Out Your Introduction

2. Ask Questions

3. Be Repetitive

4. Use Names

5. Participate in the Comments Section

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