What are the SEO benefits of social media?

How does using social media benefit your efforts with SEO?

Back in 2008, Search Engine Watch published the article ‘Social Media and SEO – Friends with Benefits‘, and I’d highly recommend reading it back now for a stark reminder of how far the digital world has progressed in the last nine years.

Some of the key statistics and points featured in the article (although contemporary at the time) may seem somewhat archaic in 2017:

Facebook having 140 million active users (when they are now over 2 billion)
LinkedIn having 30 million users (less than 10% of their current user base)
Popularity of now defunct social platforms like Digg (which sold for just $500,000 back in 2012)
MySpace being mentioned in the same breath as Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and Twitter (ha!)
Use of ‘SEO friendly’ anchor text when linking from social profiles

Source From https://searchenginewatch.com/2017/10/30/what-are-the-seo-benefits-of-social-media/ Visit Here For Read Full Article About “What are the SEO benefits of social media?”

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